What's Up - November 2015

The nights continue to get shorter and warmer.  November is the last month for the year to get a view of the central bulge of the Milky Way before it gets too close to the sun for observation in December.  As mentioned last month now is a good time to try and catch a glimpse of the Andromeda Galaxy low down towards the northern horizon.  The Southern Cross starts the night upside down and also very close to the southern horizon but for our latitude it never actually sets.  The top of the cross just skims the horizon before rising back up again.
Mercury is too close to the Sun for observation this month.  Venus starts the month close to Mars with Jupiter not too far away either in the dawn eastern sky.  Saturn is only visible for a brief amount of time after dusk early in the month before moving too close to the Sun later in the month.  Uranus is past opposition now and transits the meridian around 9:30pm while Neptune is high in the north west at the start of the night.