What's Up - December 2015

The Summer months are upon us and Orion dominates the night sky.  Rising in the East just as it is getting dark, this popular constellation is full of spectacular deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula, Horse Head Nebula and Flame Nebula.

The Magellanic Clouds are high in the sky at the start of the night to the South making it a perfect time to observe these two close neighbors of our own Galaxy.

Mercury is best observed in the later part of the month in the western evening sky.  Venus is near the 1st magnitude star Spica in the predawn eastern sky.  Mars is also in Virgo and will be a few degrees from Spica as well towards the end of the month.  Jupiter is in Leo and rises around midnight this month.  Saturn reappears in the eastern dawn sky just before sunrise late in the month. Uranus and Neptune are in the western evening sky in Pisces and Aquarius respectively.